Healing stories

Just a few stories from the many people I’ve guided to reconnect with their body’s wisdom.

Happiness, peace, joy

"After one week, I feel such a change in me.  I actually feel happy within for no other reason than I feel happiness inside.  This is unheard of for me.  I realise now that all my attempts at being happy did not bear long term fruit because, at heart, there were things I had not been able to shift, the main one being with regards to my mother.  I feel more at peace too and more joyful which is what I have wanted to experience in my life.  Two friends who have seen me since the journey have said that I look glowing, happy and my energy is different and lighter. I feel that my heart is more open and I am still far less reactive to things.  I have also noticed that I have not had cravings to eat sugar.  I have not eaten chocolate for 4 days and have significantly reduced my intake of other sugars like no jam on my toast etc.  That is a major change because I have been fighting this addiction to sugar for so many years and also I know that it exacerbates my lupus so me reducing a lot will help fulfil my purpose of loving myself back to vibrant health."

/// Régine D, West Sussex, UK

Woman with arms spread wide with joy in a field of sunflowers

1 session via Skype

A flood of self-healing

"I was open to The Journey as I'd heard it could help me shift around my childhood sexual abuse. Julia suggested one process a day for three days would give me the biggest result. During my first day going within I forgave my most prolific paedophile from my childhood and since then I haven't had any more melt downs. 


Due to my abusive childhood I've had comfort eating issues, including bulimia, on and off for 25 years. My second Journey led to breakthrough realisations and memories.

On the third day of going within I realised how worthy I am and always have been and how grateful I am now to have so much abundance in my love and life.

I was not expecting such profound results and highly recommend you just DO IT! Julia is amazing and will gently guide you to a flood of self-healing."


Lush waterfall

3 sessions in person

/// Paddy H-Q, Channel Islands

Emotional, physical and spiritual healing

"I originally came to see Julia for a physical health problem. I felt totally at ease and comfortable with her, which made it so much easier to go deeply into my Journey. What came up was the childhood trauma around the sudden and unexpected death of my Dad.


After my Journey I felt very tranquil for several days. Then a couple of weeks later my husband’s Mum suddenly passed away. We attended the funeral and I managed to maintain my tranquility throughout. At the same time I also noticed that my meditations had deepened.


After some weeks, over which my physical symptoms lessened, my original problem all but disappeared. I attribute my recovery to all natural stuff, and the Journey played a big part in that."

Bird flying free

1 session in person

/// Judith, Dorking, UK

Profound peace and healing

Sunrise man on rock

3 sessions via Skype

“Since embarking on The Journey, my life has been filled with the mixed blessings of peeling away some emotional layers to address some juvenile damage. I’ve also had a very satisfying euphoria: hearing my oncologist tell me all my prostate problems have gone now so I must stop taking all medicine for it.  I had done that already because I knew my body had healed, thanks to The Journey. I now have a clear perspective on how to see my past in relation to my future and can 'Journey on' with confidence my prospects can only improve.”

Working with Julia as a Journey Practitioner, her patient and tender ministrations have brought such profound peace to my life. It’s been a truly enjoyable and happy experience, totally the opposite to what so many people have to say of their experiences with ‘therapy’."

/// John Withers, UK

Releasing from deep trauma

"It was amazing to work with you last weekend and thank you so much for helping release these deep traumas. You are an amazing practitioner."

/// Jane Sandy, UK

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

2 sessions via Skype