• Julia Wilde

Hay House, radical remission and The Journey

I recently watched a series of Hay House videos on radical remission. There were 10 episodes in all, featuring 10 people who had all healed from life threatening diseases. It was beautiful, uplifting and inspiring. The underlying message was that each person had made positive changes in at least the following 10 areas of their life - sometimes more. I then compared how The Journey helps and quickly realised it can help in seven out of the ten stated areas. Here are all ten areas mentioned in the series, and I’ve made notes as to how The Journey can help (or not as the case may be) with each: 1) Empowering yourself - The Journey helps you release yourself from the negative ties of your past, empowering you to live your life in the now, totally present and making conscious choices 2) Radically changing your diet - While it’s ultimately up to you to change your diet, The Journey can help you realise, recognise and release your emotional addiction to foods that are harmful to you, freeing you to make healthy choices. 3) Releasing suppressed emotions - Emotional release lies at the heart of how The Journey can help you transform yourself, your health and your life 4) Increasing positive emotions - When you release suppressed emotions, you break old habits of thought and mind. By shining the light of truth on what happened to you and how you reacted, it opens up a whole new way of being, where you’re free to choose new, positive thoughts and ways of being - quite naturally 5) Bringing exercise and movement into your life - This is beyond the reach of The Journey. However, you might find yourself more open to powerful practices, such as with yoga for instance 6) Having strong reasons for living - There is a special Journey process designed to elicit your purpose for living - the reason you came here. For most of us it isn’t as grand as to change the world, it can be as simple as spreading joy through your smile, calming people with your presence or entertaining people with your personality 7) Deepening your spiritual practice - This is another area where The Journey can absolutely help you. It gives you deep insights and helps you connect with your higher self in a way that enables you to understand the deep truth behind all things 8) Using herbs and supplements - Such natural remedies are unfortunately beyond the scope of The Journey 9) Following your intuition - The Journey can absolutely help you open the doors to your higher self so you’re more in tune with your body’s wisdom and what it’s telling you 10) Embracing social support - For myself, this is one area where The Journey made a radical difference. I used to suffer from social anxiety that made even a trip to the hairdressers an ordeal for me. Now, having freed myself from this burden, I’m able to relax and seek help outside myself and within the community Embarking on The Journey takes courage and is not for the faint hearted. However, the rewards are great as it can transform your life, your health and your relationships - not least the one with your self. To find out more, email me at julia@juliawilde.co.uk and we’ll set up a convenient time to talk. Or call me on 07985 636340. I look forward to hearing from you.

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