• Julia Wilde

How your beliefs can hold you back - and what you can do about it

Our beliefs can either set us free or hold us prisoner. They guide our behaviours and can either keep us playing small, or they can give us the confidence to embark on wonderful voyages of discovery. With healthy beliefs, anything is possible. Unfortunately, however, many of us hold negative beliefs about ourselves and our world. For instance you may have core beliefs that are negative towards yourself, such as “I’m worthless”, “I’m unlovable”, or “I’ll never be any good at anything”. Such beliefs clearly don’t support your success. Or you may believe that “You can’t trust anyone”, or “Life is unfair”. Such limiting beliefs about the world also hold you hostage and prevent you from experiencing the full richness of life.

Another problem arises in that many of our beliefs are held in the subconscious where it’s not always easy to access them. This means they may suddenly rise up and sabotage us when we least expect it. For instance, you may be feeling on top of the world, with everything going your way, when someone says something that triggers a dark emotion. Suddenly and unexpectedly you lash out and react negatively from a place of deep hurt. It can be quite startling for both parties as it comes out of the blue. You may even be left struggling to come to terms with it yourself, and the repercussions of your anger or frustration may just create another layer of confusion and hurt on top of an already deep scar.

Triggers like this, that become embedded in our psyche, are usually from beliefs we took on during our childhood. They can come from a variety of sources, including parents, grandparents, school, religion, and of course our own interpretation of our life experiences.

So what can you do to recognise negative beliefs, and how can you change the ones you don’t want? There are several ways to achieve this. For instance you can become aware of your thoughts and notice negative patterns in your thinking. Tune into your inner voice and see what you hear on a daily basis. You may find your inner voice often puts you down, telling you what a fool you are to think like this, or how you’re too stupid to understand that, or that you’ll never be chosen for a promotion. Once you identify these trains of thought you can start to give yourself positive feedback instead from a place of love. Such as telling yourself “Don’t worry, anyone can make a mistake. I can learn from this and ensure that next time it will all go smoothly.”

Meditation is another way to eradicate negative thinking and reactions. Without even having to think about specific thoughts, over time you’ll gradually find that you’re operating from a much calmer place, and reacting less and less to events.

Or if you want faster progress, The Journey can help get you there in just one session. Working with a memory or emotion, you’ll gently be guided to inner love. From this place you can shine the light of truth on events in your past, and your negative beliefs will more easily come to the fore. Then there’s a beautiful process to remove them and install healthy, supportive beliefs in their place. Plus you’ll receive many more benefits from your Journey, including forgiveness of yourself and others so you can heal your past for a more rewarding future. Emotional, physical, mental and spiritual healing are all possible with The Journey. To find out more please get in touch by emailing me at: julia@juliawilde.co.uk

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