• Julia Wilde

Why you need a health professional you can believe in

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Crystal clear vision from a blur
It's important to see eye to eye with your health professional

It may sound obvious that you would believe in your health practitioner. However, it’s often difficult to find one aligned with your own beliefs, especially in the orthodox medical world. Anita Moorjani (who healed rapidly from end stage cancer following a Near Death Experience) regularly states the importance of this. If your truth is not aligned with your health practitioner’s it can lead to fear - which can be more damaging than the disease itself.

To draw on my own experience, since attending an advanced workshop in Brighton with Dr Joe Dispenza last November, I've been meditating for 1-2 hours a day. At the same time, I've been palming as part of the Bates method for natural vision improvement. Not many opticians either know of the Bates method or support it. So three weeks ago, after an eye test in Brighton, my optician didn't feel it necessary to tell me that my eyes had improved! When I realised, I was ecstatically happy and very motivated to continue palming while meditating. The only other time my vision has improved was in my 20s soon after I had left home and felt free to be myself for the first time. Back then my optician mentioned my eyesight had improved, but didn't elaborate on why or how, so I also just accepted it, though I'd been led to believe such improvements were not physically possible.

It's such a shame that most health practitioners don't ask questions when improvements are noticed. It shows they’re not really interested in true healing but prefer their 'sticking plaster' approach to medical problems. For instance, a close friend of mine healed her Crohn's through diet after a major operation and drugs hadn't solved the underlying problem. On visiting her consultant and jubilantly relating her healing, the response was "well we won't bother you any more then". No interest was shown as to how it had been achieved - which was very dispiriting for my friend who had been willing to help others in her situation via the hospital.

I've now found an optician in London who takes an holistic approach to eye health and supports the Bates method. At my first appointment I was so relieved to have Jaimini Kothari's support. I was able to talk openly and honestly with her with no fear of receiving resistance to reducing my prescription. In fact she was very encouraging and has seen at least one patient reduce their presciption from - 24 to -12. It would take less than that for me to regain perfect vision, so it's wonderfully inspiring and empowering to know. Jaimini is positive, empathic and really cares about her patients and healthy eyes. As it turned out my prescription has improved by one diopter in each eye which is amazing. And I look forward to having her continued support as I work towards my goal of regaining my natural vision.

When healing physically, emotionally or spiritually it's so important to know that you have the full support of your chosen health professional. When you believe in yourself, and know that your health professional does, too, you're in a much better position to heal.

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