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Your beliefs are key to healing

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How your beliefs can help you heal

When you're on a path to healing, whether it’s emotional, physical or to deepen your spiritual awakening, your beliefs are key. For instance, you may primarily believe in Western medicine, prefer alternative health or choose Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). People have been helped by all three, amongst many others. However, a major factor in the success of each one is how much you believe in their ability to heal you. Belief is what gives the placebo effect its power. In clinical trials, a significant number of people given sugar pills or sham surgery have gained remarkable healing when they believe the drug or surgery is the real thing. And even in some cases where the person knows beforehand that it’s a fake pill, or finds out afterwards that it was sham surgery, the beneficial effects remain.

Holding onto positive beliefs can sometimes be a challenge, especially in the face of well meaning friends, family and doctors who try to convince you that your choice is wrong or even dangerous. Such well meaning advice can bring up fear, leading to inner conflict and a wavering in belief that can be detrimental. That's why, in my last blog, I mentioned how important it is to find a healthcare professional who supports you in your own beliefs.

As an example, I experienced the direct power of my own beliefs as a teenager. One weekend I developed conjunctivitis and by the Sunday one of my eyes was very red and swollen. I was really afraid and desperate for help to heal my eye so my father took me to the local eye hospital. Knowing I would soon be taken care of was a huge relief and I was absolutely convinced that as soon as I received help everything would be OK. I vividly remember the nurse talking kindly and reassuringly to me and administering the eye drops. Even as the first drop hit my eye she exclaimed in amazement “Oh! It’s getting better already!” And sure enough the swelling and redness had completely disappeared by the time I got back home. The power of my thoughts had combined with the medicine and the nurse’s compassion to effect the cure.

Be careful, however, when researching the route to healing via different modalities, as it can lead to conflicting advice that simply creates confusion and fear. In this case, Anita Moorjani recommends going on an information fast while you tune into your own inner wisdom for answers.

The subject of the next blog will be to guide you into how to tune into your inner wisdom. It will also discuss how to let go of beliefs that no longer serve you.

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