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10 profound musts for healing
and how Spiritual Coaching can help in 9/10 of them

In 2020, Hay House featured various people who had all healed from life threatening diseases by making positive changes in at least 10 areas of their life. I looked at those areas and realised how Spiritual Coaching is specifically designed to help in seven out of 10 of them - and that it can also help considerably in two more. That's 9/10 areas in total. Here's how:

1) Releasing suppressed emotions - Emotional release lies at the heart of how this method of Spiritual Coaching can help you transform yourself, your health and your life

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2) Empowering yourself - As you release negative ties to your past you are free to live life in the now, empowered and making conscious choices

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3) Increasing positive emotions - When you release suppressed emotions you break old habits of thought and mind. This opens up a whole new way of being where you naturally experience positive emotions without even thinking about it

4) Having strong reasons for living - There is a specific process designed to elicit your purpose for living. This can be as simple as spreading joy through your smile, calming people with your presence or entertaining people with your personality. Embarking on Spiritual Coaching can also inspire you to love your life on a whole new level

5) Deepening your spiritual practice - Spiritual Coaching allows for deep insights and helps connect you with your higher self so you to understand the deep truth behind all things

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6) Following your intuition - As you open the doors to your higher self you’re more in tune with your body’s wisdom and what it’s telling you

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7) Radically changing your diet - Of course it's up to you and your healthcare practitioner to decide what changes you need to make to your diet. However, Spiritual Coaching can help you release emotional addiction to harmful foods, freeing you to make healthier choices

8) Bringing exercise and movement into your life - Although not a direct result of Spiritual Coaching, you might find your session leaves you more energised, motivated and open to exercise and spiritual practices such as yoga, for instance

9) Using herbs and supplements - This is the only area where Spiritual Coaching can't help.

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10) Embracing social support - For myself, this is one area where Spiritual Coaching made a radical difference to my life. I used to suffer from social anxiety that made even a visit to the hairdressers an ordeal for me. Now, having freed myself from this burden, I’m able to relax and seek help outside myself and within the community

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Diving deep into soul work and exposing your shadows takes courage and is not for the faint hearted. However, when you shine the light of truth on your past and present the rewards are great as it can transform your life, your health and your relationships - not least the one with your self.


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